Oak Hill Barbecue

Sunbury's Finest BBQ

Proudly serving up mouthwatering flavors and tender cuts since 2014.

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The Wood-Fired Difference

Experience the deep, smoky flavors of our signature wood-fired brisket, slow-cooked over real wood flames at Oak Hill Barbecue.

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Pulled Pork Perfection

Indulge in the heart and soul of barbecue with our Pulled Pork Sandwich, accompanied by sides like savory collard greens and hearty baked beans.

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From Family Roots

Clint's journey began in the kitchens of his childhood, learning the art of cooking alongside his mother and grandmother in the hills of West Virginia, the inspiration behind the name Oak Hill. A graduate of a culinary arts school in Pittsburgh, Clint has honed his skills over two decades, crafting gourmet dishes in various esteemed establishments. Now, returning to his central Ohio roots, he has realized his dream of opening Oak Hill Barbecue, a place where the community can savor high-quality, homemade barbecue at friendly prices.